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Staff and scholars visiting from outside the UK working with the University for a minimum of one month may open a Barclays Bank personal bank account to deposit their pay/subsistence cheques. The funds can be withdrawn directly from the account by the account holder as necessary. The account does not have to be closed when the individual leaves Cambridge or the UK, leaving the account open for use during future visits.

These procedures do not apply to international students.


Accounts at Barclays Bank

These procedures from Barclays Bank are to assist staff and visiting scholars from outside the UK with opening a UK bank account. This process is designed to reduce the administration time and restrictions previously necessary, due to industry regulations.

The procedures clarify the types of documentation that are required by the bank and the arrangement has been requested to cover the University of Cambridge, to include all its Colleges, Departments and affiliated Institutions.

Individual's status Documentation required
Resident in the UK for less than 3 months
  • valid full passport and
  • one of the following
    • EU identity card
    • photo driver license with address
    • original bank statement with address less than 3 months old (internet banking copy statements not acceptable)
Resident in the UK for more than 3 months
  • valid full passport and
  • utility bill with UK name and address, less than 3 months old

Barclays have said that in the case of where the visitor has been in the UK more than 3 months but does not have a UK utility bill, the counter staff may try and treat the visitor in the same manner as they would for someone who has been in the UK less than 3 months

Accounts with other banks

Staff and visiting scholars from outside the UK seeking to open accounts at other banks will need to check what evidence is required, although it is expected that the requirements of all banks will be similar, including verification of identity and address.

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