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The Finance Division have developed a bank and building society directory to empower students and the wider academic community to make informed choices about their banking provider.

The table provides useful practical details about overdraft facilities, ID requirements, and information for overseas students.

You can access further details on banks and building societies approach to sustainability, including their environmental and social credentials via independent research companies, including but not limited to; Banks & Building Societies‍‍‍: Ethical Comparison - The Good Shopping Guide and Ethical banking guide for universities | Ethical Consumer Research & Consultancy.

Bank Directory

  Website Local branch details & telephone Documents required to open an account International student account options Student account option Internet banking / app based or branch Overdraft facility
Al Rayan bank logo


44 Hans Crescent,
London, SW1X 0LZ

Identity: valid passport or driving licence

Address: recent bank statement

Yes - basic account. Additional documents are required for non-residents (who need to apply in person) and UK students Yes - basic account Both None
Barclays logo


9-11 St Andrews
Street, Cambridge,

Valid ID: passport or driving licence, three years address history, UK mobile number Yes - basic account Yes Both Yes
The co-operative bank logo


0344 249 9981

Valid ID, three years address history, annual income and employment details. Subject to eligibility criteria Yes - standard current account Yes Both Yes
HSBC logo


63-64 St Andrew's Street, Cambridge,

03456 040 626

Valid ID, proof of address Yes Yes Both Yes
Lloyds bank logo


3 Sidney Street,

0345 602 1997

Valid ID: passport or driving licence, three years address history, income and expenditure details Yes - classic account Yes Both Yes
Monzo logo


0800 802 1281

Valid photo ID, passport or driving licence, three years address history, UK mobile number Yes Yes - basic account App based (Apple, Google Pay) Yes
Nationwide building society logo


26-27 Petty Cury, Cambridge,

Valid ID, address history, employer's details, and salary Yes - FlexBasic current account / FlexAccount current account Yes Both Yes
Natwest logo


21 Petty Cury, 
03457 888 444

Valid ID, proof of address Yes, select account Yes Both Yes
Santander logo


60 St Andrew's Street, 
0333 207 2899

Valid ID, address history Yes - basic current account Yes Both Yes
Triodos bank logo


0330 3550 355

Valid ID, mobile phone No Yes - basic account Internet banking Yes

Bank Directory - sustainability focus

  Website Link to bank's ethical policies / strategies
Al Rayan bank logo Ethical banking for everyone
Barclays bank logo Statements and policy positions
The co-operative bank Ethical policy
HSBC logo Climate strategy
Lloyds bank logo Social sustainability
Monzo logo Annual report
Nationwide building society logo Approach to responsible business
Natwest logo Annual report
Santander logo Policies
Triodos bank logo Mission


Disclaimer: The information was prepared by the Finance Division Treasury Team ( Information provided within this table is accurate as of 1 September 2023 and may be subject to change by the banking providers. The directory is not a promotion of any particular bank or banking product. We do not recommend any bank in particular and other banks are available.