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Finance Division


Current areas of concern

Fraudulent HMRC e-mails

Fraudulent e-mails are being circulated relating to Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

In all cases the e-mails state that a tax refund has been calculated for an individual and provides a link to follow to process the refund.

Staff are advised to disregard any e-mail they receive of this type and should not follow the links contained within, as these may be malicious in content.

Further guidance issued by HMRC can be found on their website.

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HMRC Contact Details

HMRC Customer Service Desk Telephone Numbers:

Income Tax - 0300 200 3300
National Insurance - 0300 200 3500

PAYE Reference: 126/U100

Please note:

The Payroll section cannot make telephone calls to HMRC on your behalf. HMRC do not like to discuss employee information to a third party. Should you wish to contact HMRC, please have your NI number to hand.