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Finance Division


Receipt of data to HR Contracts Teams and Payroll

Month Deadline for Departments for HR Amendments & Appointments Deadline for Departments for Payroll (i.e. overtime claims/CHRIS/22's) Pay Date
January 2018 5th 12th 26th
February 5th 12th 26th
March 5th 12th 26th
April 5th 12th 26th
May 4th 11th 25th
June 5th 12th 26th
July 5th 12th 26th
August 3rd 10th 24th
September 5th 12th 26th
October 5th 12th 26th
November 5th 12th 26th
December 30th Nov 7th 21st

Weekly Payroll

Input must be received in the Payroll office by 12pm every Monday. If a Bank Holiday occurs, please contact Payroll for revised deadlines.

Bank Holiday Deadlines:

Input must be received by 5pm on 3rd May for payment on the 10th.

Input must be received by 5pm on 24th May for payment on 31st May.

Input must be received by 5pm on 23rd August for payment on 30th August.

University Payment System closure dates

On-line keying should be completed by and forms should be received in Payroll section by 5.00pm Payments in to accounts
January 2018 4th January 12th
January 25th February 2nd
February 8th February 16th
February 22nd March 2nd
March 8th March 16th
March 21st March 29th (Easter BH)
April 5th April 13th
April 19th April 27th
May 2nd May 11th
May 23rd June 1st
June 7th June 15th
June 21st June 29th
July 5th July 13th
July 19th July 27th
August 2nd August 10th (Last run of Academic Year)
August 22nd August 31st
September 6th September 14th
September 20th September 28th
October 4th October 12th
October 25th November 2nd
November 8th November 16th
November 22nd November 30th
December 13th December 21st