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Finance Division


The Financial Regulations were adopted and approved on 28 May 2012 by the Council after consultation with the Finance Committee. The revised regulations were distributed by the Director of Finance to all Heads of Department.


Download the Financial Regulations in PDF format

These have been updated:

1 February 24 Section M, the paragraph on EU Public Procurement Directives, now reads "The Council, on the advice of its Finance Committee, reviews and confirms annually whether the University remains outside their scope." Following this amendment, references to EU thresholds and the management of EU Tenders through Procurement Services have been removed from the table in Schedule 1 – Competition Procedures and the reference to EU Tenders has been removed from Schedule 2 – Definitions.

1 October 23 Schedule 1: the threshold at which competition procedures must be followed for purchases increased from £1000 to £5000. 


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