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Sanctions on Russia, Belarus and non-government controlled Ukraine territory, including Crimea

Page updated 23/04/24

Following the invasion of Ukraine, the UK government imposed further sanctions on many individuals and organisations linked to Russia, Belarus, and non-government controlled Ukraine territory:

  • Donetsk oblast
  • Luhansk oblast
  • Crimea - further defined as the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the City of Sevastopol 

With effect from the 20 June 2023 this has been extended to include: 

  • Kherson oblast
  • Zaporizhzhia oblast

In addition to the financial sanctions, export controls, and specific import restrictions from these territories are also in place.

There is also an increased risk of sanctions being imposed in the future on individuals or entities where there are grounds to suspect they are an ‘involved person’. 


University position on partnerships with Russia

The University has decided to sever institutional links with Russian universities after the Russian Union of Rectors expressed its support for the invasion of Ukraine. We are clear, however, that existing individual research collaborations should be allowed to run their course.

Actions for departments

There are UK lists of banking institutions and individuals with whom transactions are prohibited and departments will need to follow these lists, which can be found here.  In addition, our banking institutions may prevent transactions that are prohibited by US sanctions

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