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Finance Division


Phishing email alert

28 May 2019

We are advised by our UIS colleagues that we need to be on the lookout for document attachments in emails that instruct you to ‘Enable Editing’ and ‘Enable Content’. These are scam emails linked to a piece of malware commonly known as Emotet/Heodo, which can lead to infections from other malware. The email itself varies...

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Marketplace homepage appearance changes 9th May 2018

8 May 2018

Further to the CUFS bulletin notice of 16th April , the homepage for the Marketplace will be changing on 9th May. The main change is the appearance of the Marketplace first homepage and for the user the location of the Dell, Insight, XMA and Academia and Heffers/Blackwells punch-outs and the Oligo ordering button on the...

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New UFS Purchase Order format

18 April 2017

A new version of the UFS Purchase Order will be available from today (Tuesday 18 th April). This is as a result of the work initiated by Procurement Services in consultation with the Finance User Group over the last 18 months. To view an example of the new format, please click on the link The changes include: For printed...

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Changes to Off-Payroll worker rules

6 March 2017

From 6 April 2017 new rules will apply to payments made to limited companies largely controlled by a single individual where they provide services to the University, or Agencies providing such resource to the University. For further information and advice on these changes please visit this page

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Certificates awarded for First Steps in Procurement programme

3 February 2017

Certificates were recently awarded after another successful First Steps in Procurement programme run by the Finance Training team​ Pictured (from left): Pavel Garcia-Cortina Benjamin Boddington Vaijayanti Shinde Helen Parker (tutor) Craig Chapman Carol Gardner Not pictured but also successfully completed: Amy Blackburn...

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Personal Service Companies and Off payroll worker legislation

21 December 2016

From April 2017 new rules will apply to payments made to contractors providing services via a limited company a Personal Services Company. For full information visit the Employment Status chapter

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Pilot for upload of a non-Chest ‘PLAN’ to UFS commences

13 May 2016

An additional budget called ‘PLAN’ will be added to UFS on Monday 16 May, and the existing ‘BUDGET’ field will be renamed ‘ALLOCATION’. This new ‘PLAN’ budget will be piloted with a small number of departments over the coming months, and will allow us to report on non-Chest planned income and expenditure as well as Chest...

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Reporting Catalogue ... next steps

12 April 2016

Please bear with us…..although the technical development of the Financial Reports Catalogue is largely complete, there is still some way to go with finalising the content in line with user feedback and in refining the number of reports. Work is currently in progress to remove duplication and to delete obsolete reports but...

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New "filters" added to the Report Catalogue

12 April 2016

Taking account of feedback received two new ‘filters’ have been added into the Report Catalogue so that users can further restrict their searches to help find relevant reports. The new filters applied are: Category - To search for reports specific to Central, Departmental or School users Report Style - To search for...

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