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Throughout the summer and as we move into the autumn, the future of the University's approach to procurement and purchasing has evolved. Despite the onset of the pandemic, which saw Procurement Services providing significant support to the University-wide provision of PPE and quickly equipping crucial COVID-19 research laboratories, the future plans for the function have remained a significant focus.  

The Strategic Procurement Review (SPR) concluded in November 2019 and generated ten recommendations and, over the ensuing eight months, these recommendations have been honed into six work-streams focusing on how the University could deliver on its objectives of procuring goods, works and services in a more efficient, user friendly and manner which is both sustainably responsible and commercially effective.  Delivering on these six work-streams, alongside upcoming pilot department activities, is now known as Strategic Procurement and Purchasing (SPP). 

Recent developments have seen the SPP approved in principal by University Council in July 2020 and key elements of the project now feature as crucial components in the University's Recovery plan to achieve financial sustainability following the pandemic. More information regarding this will follow. 

Workstreams podcast 

To highlight the next steps, Procurement Services has produced a short podcast presentation which introduces the interdependent SPP workstreams that stemmed from the findings of the SPR and will now deliver the project. These workstreams will transform how the University of Cambridge buys goods, works and services to deliver a better experience for University users, whilst saving money and reducing our carbon impact. The podcast lasts for just seven minutes and can be accessed here.  The PowerPoint slides which form the basis for video can be also be accessed here.  

Currently, support and investment to take the SPP forward is being sought from governing bodies and committees and this includes seeking approval from the Planning and Resources Committee (PRC) in mid-October. More comprehensive information about the SPP, its workstreams and next steps will follow after October PRC and as the work progresses. The full FTP Business Case will then be submitted for approval to PRC In December.  

Further information about the FTP and SPP can be found here. 


Please see our CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19 Assistance pages for help with areas of Finance during the current situation.

UFS issued communications and the University website also contain information on this topic

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