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Finance Division


An additional budget called ‘PLAN’ will be added to UFS on Monday 16 May, and the existing ‘BUDGET’ field will be renamed ‘ALLOCATION’.

This new ‘PLAN’ budget will be piloted with a small number of departments over the coming months, and will allow us to report on non-Chest planned income and expenditure as well as Chest allocation values.

Unless you are involved in the pilot, the only impact that you should notice is that UFS will now have two values listed in the budget field on the General Ledger – ALLOCATION and PLAN – instead of the single option, ‘BUDGET’. Those not involved in the pilot should only run reports against ‘ALLOCATION’, as they won’t have any data uploaded against their ‘PLAN’. If you are not involved in the pilot, both ‘ALLOCATION’ and ‘PLAN’ will return identical results.

If you have any queries, please contact