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Strategic Procurement Review findings reveal pathway to the future

26 February 2020

Since November last year (2019), interpretation of the Strategic Procurement Review (SPR) findings has been ongoing. As well as spending more wisely and focusing on how the University can deliver buying and paying for its goods works and services in a more environmentally friendly way, the findings have highlighted...

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Register to attend the FTP’s Discovery Phase feedback sessions

19 February 2020

The Finance Transformation Programme’s (FTP) Discovery Phase ended in December and the team is now in a position to share the findings. The Discovery Phase was designed to help us understand how Finance operates and to guide on how we can transform processes and systems to better support the University. John Galvin, Head...

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2018/2019 Finance Review

11 February 2020

David Hughes recently delivered a review of the 2019 Financial Statements. It was an opportunity to get a more in-depth understanding of the results for the year. Slides from the presentation are available here .

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New expense management system provider is agreed

20 January 2020

January has seen the University move a step closer to transforming how employees process their expense claims as it has been agreed that expense system solution provider SAP Concur will take this work forward. The Expense Management project is a key component of the Finance Transformation Programme, an ambitious, large...

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Finance Business Transformation Programme announces name change

10 January 2020

With the beginning of the New Year, the team behind the Finance Business Transformation Programme has simplified its name slightly to the Finance Transformation Programme (FTP) . The FTP in an ambitious large- sca le initiative which aims to shape and enhance Finance's processes and tools of the future. The programme is a...

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Beware forged £20 notes

19 December 2019

Fraudsters are trying to push their stock of forged £20 notes in advance of the new Polymer £20 coming out in February. Follow Barclays guidance below to help avoid accepting a forged note. How to identify a genuine £20 banknote There are two primary security features: Hologram image change Tilt the note from side to side...

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Procurement review is supporting our journey to a zero-carbon future

17 December 2019

With its ambitious climate initiative Cambridge Zero, the University is helping to build a zero-carbon future. Now, sustainable procurement - which is meeting the University’s need for delivering goods, works and services in an environmentally friendly way - has been embedded at the heart of the Finance Division’s...

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Phishing email alert

28 May 2019

We are advised by our UIS colleagues that we need to be on the lookout for document attachments in emails that instruct you to ‘Enable Editing’ and ‘Enable Content’. These are scam emails linked to a piece of malware commonly known as Emotet/Heodo, which can lead to infections from other malware. The email itself varies...

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Marketplace homepage appearance changes 9th May 2018

8 May 2018

Further to the CUFS bulletin notice of 16th April , the homepage for the Marketplace will be changing on 9th May. The main change is the appearance of the Marketplace first homepage and for the user the location of the Dell, Insight, XMA and Academia and Heffers/Blackwells punch-outs and the Oligo ordering button on the...

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New UFS Purchase Order format

18 April 2017

A new version of the UFS Purchase Order will be available from today (Tuesday 18 th April). This is as a result of the work initiated by Procurement Services in consultation with the Finance User Group over the last 18 months. To view an example of the new format, please click on the link The changes include: For printed...

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