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Accounts Payable (AP) describes the procedure for processing supplier invoices and employee expense claims, and other disbursements processed via the AP module. A summary of the AP cycle is given as:

  • Invoice Entry - Enter invoice using the batching system
  • Coded to an Account - Matching invoices to purchase orders (where raised); coded directly to relevant account/project
  • Approval - Primary and secondary approval of purchase invoices
  • Payment - Payment of Supplier/Employee by cheque: Finance Division.

Month End Guidance

  • Approve all AP invoices for the month (this is ongoing).

  • Review supplier statements and check all invoices are secondary approved/or current (i.e. not due for payment).

  • Review employee expense claims/advances to ensure they are up-to-date and processed

  • Review credit card statements to supporting receipts/vouchers and journal expenditure from the department suspense account to relevant cost centre.

  • Run Invoice Register (CAPSA) report to identify invoices not primary approved.

  • Run Invoices on Hold (CAPSA) Report to list invoices placed on hold and then action all holds, as necessary.

  • Review and approve any invoices that are coded to a project and are now "unapproved" as a result of the AP Tie Back process.