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The supporting information and documentation needed for a new supplier request or reactivation is as follows

Document required Link to guidance or form

Invoice or quote addressed to the University of Cambridge


Screen print of supplier website showing company name and contact details


3 competitive quotes, if expenditure over £5,000


Dispensation email if competitive quote process not possible if supplier being only possible choice

Dispensation guidance

Dispensation form

VAT (VIES) verification if supplier registered for VAT

Verify UK VAT numbers 

Verify EU VAT numbers 

Companies House or Charities Register Screen Print OR equivalent for Business Register of the country

Companies House

Charity register

Signed University of Cambridge Anti-Modern Slavery declaration (Appendix B)

Anti-Modern Slavery statement

Tax Clearance Number email if service being provide to the university

Tax clearance guidance

Bank details (either on invoice, supplier’s headed paper, or on BACS Form)

BACS form

For Individuals and Students, a PDF or photo of a redacted bank statement - this MUST show the bank name, the individual or student's name, sort code and account number

A known, trusted email address for remittance purposes  

These should all be attached in either oxp, pdf, word, msg or png format.

All possible fields must be completed (including telephone / fax numbers)

The requestor is required to supply ALL the documentation.


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