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 Virtual classroom courses


These are live courses run on Teams, places must be booked in advance


Budgeting 1 - Introduction to budgeting in the University 

This session covers the theory and practice of budgeting in the University, how to interpret department budget reports and understand the causes of overspends (and underspends) against budgets. The course refers closely to Chapter 3 of the Financial Procedures Manual

Note: This session does not cover the detailed budgeting and rules relating to individual research grants.

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 On demand courses


These are online packages of material including videos, documents and quizzes. They can be completed at any time and do not need to be booked.
They are ideal for use as a refresher or for training new staff if a virtual course is not available at a suitable time. 

Using the plan 

This material will explain some of the budgeting tools available in CUFS, how to use the plan column and use budget journals

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Cost centre categorisation 

Cost centre categoristaion allows departments to set their own catergoies for Cost Centres abd Cost Centre//Source of Funds combinations.

This material looks at how these categories can be set up and how they are used for reporting 

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