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All five sources of funds noted in section Sources of Funds for Donations are eligible for investment in the CUEF Fund and / or the Deposit Account, thus enabling unspent balances to earn investment income as expected.

A temporary benefaction, that is sums donated for expenditure in under 5 years, are usually placed in the University deposit account which pays a rate of interest but does not attract any capital appreciation.

Only funds being held for long term investment (e.g. at least five years) are suitable for investment in the CUEF because the capital value of this type of investment can go down as well as up, especially in the short term.

Type of Donation Source of Funds begins Eligible for CUEF Eligible for Deposit Account Deposit Account Interest Rate
General donation EF to EX lower
Specific donation H lower
Trust Fund K higher
Other specific endowment I lower
Building fund P lower

Procedures for investing balances are set out in a separate chapter of the Financial Procedures Manual (Chapter 12 - Investments).

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