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What is the CUEF?

The Cambridge University Endowment Fund (CUEF) is a unitised fund consisting of a variety of assets including equities and investment property. Investors (departments) buy a number of units in the fund - the number purchased depends on the funds available and the unit valuation at the purchase date.

This fund aims to provide long-term capital growth plus a quarterly distribution. Please note only funds being held for long term investment e.g. at least five years are suitable for investment in the CUEF because the capital value of this type of investment can go down as well as up, especially in the short term. The Treasury & Investments team must approve all investments.

Key features of the CUEF include:

  • A quarterly distribution calculated per unit per annum to investors
  • Potential for long term capital growth
  • A quarterly fund and unit revaluation
  • Quarterly opportunities for sales and purchases of units

You may only invest surpluses on the sources of funds specified below.

Source of Funds Description
EExx Specific Central Reserves
EFxx - EXxx General Donations
Fxxx Specific Reserves
Gxxx Trading Accounts
Hxxx Specific Donations
Ixxx Specific Endowments
Kxxx Trust Funds
Pxxx Funds for Land & Buildings
Vxxx CUEF Investment Accounts

Due to the complexity of the accounting involved, the Treasury & Investments section, Finance Division, processes all transactions (including sales and purchases of units) relating to the CUEF.

Latest version 15 April 2024

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