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Departments are able to invest surplus income on specific source of funds in either Cambridge University Endowment Fund (CUEF) or in the University Deposit account.

These pages outline which source of funds are eligible in each instance (please note subtly different rules apply to each) and how to proceed.

Version History

Version Issue Comments
2.5 Apr 2024 URLs updated. Report screenshots removed and links to detailed reporting guidance provided, with recommended use of Cognos for reporting.
2.2 Unit purchases and sales: Added “To improve the accuracy of department accounts the Treasury team now enter an accrual for purchase and sale requests at the quarter end. The value is based on the last known unit value and will be removed once the final unit value is known.”
2.3 Distributions from the fund: Added “With the CUEF distribution being paid quarterly the Treasury team post a monthly distribution accrual in department accounts to release the income equally over the period.”
2.5 Annual report: Added “If you would like to obtain a copy of the report, please contact Treasury and Investments.”
2.4 Jan 2021 All references to distributions changed from monthly to quarterly. 
This is due to moving the asset allocation of the fund further towards illiquid assets to optimise the fund’s long term return prospects. Simultaneously, the redemption terms of the fund are now aligned more closely with the nature of the underlying assets
2.3 Dec 2019 Change to new house style, plus update of weblinks and reports available

Latest version 15 April 2024

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