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The CUDAR will notify the department for which the donation is intended (via email), passing on the following information:

  • name of the donor
  • amount of donation (including gift aid where appropriate)
  • purpose of the donation

CUDAR will ask the department to provide the account code to which the donation should be credited and a written undertaking that the "donation will be applied in accordance with the terms of the benefactions and that I will account to the donors as may be required";

A specimen of the standard email is included at Appendix D. The email will normally be addressed to the Head of Department or Departmental Administrator, unless a specific academic has been mentioned.

Donations that form part of an appeal

For donations that form part of an appeal, the department will only need to provide the account code and release undertaking for the first (first batch) of donations received for that appeal. All subsequent donations will be released to the same account code as per the first release, unless the institution requests a change of account code.

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