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A General Donation is one in respect of which the donor has either:

  • not placed any restrictions; or
  • has placed restrictions which are met by expenditure already committed or planned as part of the department's existing operations.

Note that it is the donor's instructions which determine the status, not the separate decision which might be made by a department as to how the donation will be used.

Examples of General Donations

  • A donation of £1,000 to a department in memory of a deceased student.
  • A bequest of £200,000 to a department with no conditions or restrictions which the department has decided to use as a contribution towards the cost of a major laboratory

It is advisable for general donations to be posted to either one source of funds e.g.. EFKM, or to a small number of sources of funds codes in the range. They can then be sub-divided using cost centres if required. Setting up a new source of funds for each general donation is unnecessary and should be discussed with your Finance Adviser.

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