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Security of equipment

Heads of Departments should establish procedures to ensure that all items of equipment are adequately protected against loss and misuse.


Maintenance or improvements to equipment

When spending money on an existing asset it should be considered whether the asset is simply being maintained or improved.

  • Expenditure on maintenance cannot and should not be capitalised.
  • Expenditure of improvements should be capitalised.

Advice is available from the Fixed Assets Helpdesk.


Loaning equipment out

Where equipment is loaned out the Department must have procedures in place to ensure that an appropriate agreement and insurance are put in place and that the equipment is returned in good condition.


Temporary removal from University premises

Where a single article exceeding £50,000 or articles totalling in excess of £100,000 are temporarily removed from University premises the Insurance Section should be notified.


Equipment sharing

Some research sponsors encourage the sharing of more expensive items of existing equipment between peer institutions, with an appropriate charge for their use being made. This may, or may not involve in the removal of the item from the department and the guidelines above should be followed.

Further information is available from

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