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Monthly 'Mass Additions' process

The main central process revolves around creating 'mass additions' - this sweeps all invoice data re ticked 'track as asset' items into a holding area called mass additions within the fixed asset module.

The automatic procedures contained within this process are:

  1. Assets are categorised (using sources of funds) to allow appropriate analysis.
  2. An 'asset key' is assigned to an asset (required for departmental analysis).
  3. A default location is assigned.
  4. A default responsible employee is assigned.
  5. A depreciation transaction code is assigned.
  6. Mass additions are reviewed for correct treatment.
  7. Post / Hold / Delete items.
  8. Also at this stage split / merge etc.
  9. Process mass additions - sweeps assets into the fixed asset register.
  10. Depreciate additions on a monthly basis.


Missed assets

If a department omits to tick the track as asset box when entering the invoice into AP a subsequent manual entry can be carried out. For this, the helpdesk needs to be notified. It is the department's responsibility to review the register and check whether all appropriate items have been treated correctly. Similarly the Helpdesk should be notified of donated assets that have not been processed in the AP module.



Following notification from a department the Finance Division will also carry out the required accounting entries for fixed asset retirements, disposals, mergers or splitting multi-asset purchase.

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