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The fixed asset module does not have sub-ledger security. It is possible for people outside the department to see what assets your department holds. If you update the location field to identify the precise location of the asset then this is also viewable by persons outside the department.

The lack of Security was felt appropriate to allow people in the University to find out if another department had a particular asset. Therefore, if an asset was under utilised there may be the possibility of it being shared or loaned to another area. This could save the University considerable amount of money in the long term. There is also evidence from the providers of research grant funding that indicates that they wish this practice to become widespread. It makes better use of their funds if we can share assets.

Whilst access to the fixed asset module is only given to a small minority of University employees (approx. 3 per department) departments may wish to consider if it is appropriate to keep full location details of specific assets on the system, for security reasons. If departments do not wish to give full details of the precise location of an asset for security reasons then may we advise either using a code known only to a few within a department for the location field or leaving the asset location as the departmental default location. Note the default could be somewhere innocuous e.g. reception or the accounts office.

Need a new responsible employee or location added to the list of values?
Contact the Fixed Asset Helpdesk who will liaise with EM regarding new locations.


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