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Purchasing codes

These generally beging with an E followed by three letters. The second character attributes it to one of the catergories below

The list of purchasing codes can also be downloaded as a PDF file:

Review of expenditure transaction codes in the E*** range

Where transaction codes existed ending in 0, A and Z with identical descriptions, the 0 and A codes have now been disabled and users should use the code ending in Z. There are a few examples where only the 0 and A codes were identical. In these instances, the 0 code has been disabled and users should use the code ending in A.

Below is the list of codes which have been disabled with details of the alternative code to use.

Disabled 0 ending codes with alternative to use 

Pay transaction codes

Sales /income codes

These generally start with

  • L ???  for sales
  • L_??   for donations
  • N ???  for interest from monies on deposit and income from the CUEF

Sales/income codes


Please see our CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19 Assistance pages for help with areas of Finance during the current situation.

UFS issued communications and the University website also contain information on this topic

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