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For all donations received (for which departments would like to benefit from Gift Aid) the Development and Alumni Relations office (CUDAR) will process the tax reclaims on a monthly basis. The main reason for this is to create a single processing point for all gift aid claims. In order to claim gift aid on donations they must be processed by CUDAR.

Step 1: The donation

  • Donations can be made by cash, cheque, debit/credit card, standing order or bank transfer.
  • CUDAR is able to process donations made payable to both the University of Cambridge and made payable to University departments.
  • Ensure that the donor completes a Gift Aid declaration for the first gift they make under Gift Aid. That single declaration will cover all future donations, unless their circumstances change eg. a change of address.

Step 2: Departmental action

The department must forward the donation along with the completed Gift Aid Declaration  and a Release forms to:

Development and Alumni Relations Office
University of Cambridge
1 Quayside
Bridge Street
Cambridge CB5 8AB

Step 3: CUDAR action

CUDAR returns tax claims once every month and will distribute the gross amount of the gift (through a journal transfer) after the tax reclaim has been recovered.