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The codes most used in departmental transaction processing are those beginning E (for non-pay expenditure). The second character clarifies the particular type of expenditure, and the last two characters give the detail.

For example, if ordering some box files, select Transaction code ESBC
= E: Expenditure on consumables, S: Stationery and office supplies, BC: Box files

The table below is an overview of available codes. The first column gives the first two letters of the code, and the second column, the description.

First two letters Description
EA Audio Visual and multimedia
EB Library and publications
EC Catering supplies and services
ED Medical, surgical, and nursing supplies and services
EE Agricultural, fisheries, forestry, horticultural supplies & services
EF Furniture, furnishings & textiles
EH Cleaning materials & equipment, janitorial supplies
EJ Utilities
EK Computing supplies
EL Laboratory & animal house supplies and services
EM Workshop & maintenance supplies (Lab & Estates)
EP Printing
EQ Telecommunications & postage
ER Professional & bought-in services
ES Stationery & office supplies
ET Travel & transport (including vehicle hire & subsistence)
EU Safety & security
EV Vehicles (purchase, lease, contract hire)
EW Estates & buildings (but not utilities – see EJ)
EX Miscellaneous/unclassified
EZ Transfer of expenditure


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