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Before undertaking any business travel, employees must consider whether the business purpose can be achieved without needing to travel. Virtual meetings can offer an efficient (in terms of both time and cost) and sustainable alternative to physical travel. In cases where travel is required, it must be approved in advance. Employees can reclaim the costs of business travel.

Business travel relates to journeys an employee is required to make in performance of the duties of their employment at the University, e.g., travel between their permanent / usual workplace and a temporary workplace; between temporary workplaces; or between home and a temporary workplace. Business travel does not relate to journeys between an employee’s home and their permanent / usual place of work: these are commuting costs.

 Further information on travelling to temporary workplaces

If the employee travels direct from home to a temporary workplace, the mileage must be the lower of:

  • the mileage actually incurred, or
  • the mileage which would have been incurred if the journey had started and finished at the normal place of work

icon indicating tax treatment Tax treatment of business travel

Travelling with non-employees

Combining work and social trips

icon indicating exception Personally funded upgrades

When booking travel and accommodation

Tickets should, where possible, be booked through the University’s approved Travel Management Company (TMC), which enables the risks to both the employee and the University to be reviewed. Whilst cheaper fares may be found on the internet with low-cost carriers, the University’s TMC has a price-match offer for flights.

 Booking using the University's TMC

 Booking directly with suppliers

icon indicating warning Employees must sign-up for the University’s travel insurance at the time of booking, i.e., before undertaking the travel. Planning is essential to avoid unnecessary costs to the University.

Where circumstances allow, tickets are to be purchased in advance for travel at off-peak times.

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