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Generally, the University will neither pay nor reimburse the costs of personal healthcare.

icon denoting tax treatment Tax treatment of health and wellbeing costs

This table forms part of the Employee Expenses policy. Any deviations from the policy must adhere to the key principles and be authorised by the Head of Institution. Where appropriate, any claims must also align to the funder’s terms and conditions.

Expense category Allowable expenses Guidance / Additional information
Eye tests and glasses

Any employee who is a regular user of a Visual Display Unit, may request an eyesight test through Occupational Health.

icon denoting tax treatment Tax treatment

See safety guidance for display screen equipment on the Health & Safety web pages. Where approved by Occupational Health, can reclaim:

• up to £25 towards the costs of eye test

• up to £50 towards the cost of glasses prescribed specifically for VDU use

Medical insurance, medical treatment, counselling, gym membership, childcare

The University will not reimburse any expenses associated with these categories.

icon denoting tax treatment Tax treatment

If, in exceptional circumstances, the University does agree to reimburse such costs, the Employment Tax section must be consulted to consider potential tax implications.