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Q. I have an import order that is Medically Exempt for VAT purposes - do I need to send any additional information?

.Yes, for the time being until we have another mechasim available.  Continue to code your order on CUFS as ME0% but once you have submitted your order on CUFS to the supplier please manually complete the Medical Exemption Certificate and forward this to your supplier and ask for them to pass this to their carrier who can then present it to Customs. Manual ME form is available here

Q. How do I contact my Marketplace supplier to provide them with additional information about my order?

We will shortly be publishing contact details for all Marketplace suppliers . In the interim please contact either Procurement Services or look at the supplier's website for their Sales team details.

Q. Can I still buy items from overseas Marketplace suppliers?

Yes, although you should consider if they still provide the best value for money once any duty, import VAT and additional administration costs are taken into account.

Where Marketplace orders are raised for imports, Buyers are responsible for manually contacting the supplier once the PO has been approved and transmitted to the supplier. Buyers should confirm who is responsible for making the import declaration and how the goods will be transported and provide additional information and documents required for import clearance. See purchase order guidance for more details.



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