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Q. I am reimporting medical exempt (for VAT) goods which I had to return to the supplier for repair - how do I generate a medical exemption certificate to give to the agent?

Print out and complete a copy of the manual (emergency) ME certificate that is available from 

Q. Returning goods to EU for repair what do I need to do?

There will be export declaration to be made which we dont have the software/capability to do ourselves so you will need to appoint an agent . On the re-import you will also need an agent to complete the import declaration - are there any reliefs from Duty or VAT that can be applied? - check the commodity code to see if any import VAT and duty due Establish the country of origin that the goods initially came from. The goods will need to be accompanied by a commercial invoice that includes the following information: commodity code.

Reliefs may be applicable to reduce the duty/VAT to the amount of the repair, rather than the value of the goods however these may need authorisation from HMRC and require strict audit trails.

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