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Administrators should check that they know the answers to the following:

  Task Advice/Resources
1. Do I have to produce anything as part of the Planning Round? If so, what and by when? Your Finance Manager
2. Do I know what parts of my department's Chest budget I am responsible for? Your Finance Manager
3. Do I know the major non-Chest financial areas within my department? Monthly financial reports provide an indication and your Finance Manager can advise.
4. Do I have budgets for the streams of non-Chest activity in my department? Your Finance Manager
5. Where PIs expect my support in monitoring their grants, have they copied me in on grant awards and contracts details? ROO can provide details if necessary.

Do I review financial reports regularly?

It is best practice to do this at least monthly. Some examples of areas to look at include.


Has the Other teaching budget been exceeded?

Has the budget for unpaid leave of absence been transferred to the unpaid leave of absence account for all relevant academic staff, if relevant?


  • has the overtime budget been exceeded?

Non recurrent grants: 

  • is the activity for which funding was given ongoing? If not are there funds that should be returned or a deficit that needs to be cleared?

Unpaid leave of absence funds: 

  • are YTD budget and reserves sufficient to cover current expenditure? If not, how will the shortfall be funded?

Dual funding support target:

  • is overhead income sufficient to meet the target? If the department does not expect to have sufficient overhead income to meet the annual target by year end then how will the shortfall be covered?

Trust funds: 

  • if expenditure exceeds income, check whether this is because spendable capital is being used to fund expenditure. If not, how will this deficit be addressed at year end?


  • if expenditure exceeds income, are there sufficient reserves to cover the shortfall? If not, how will the shortfall be funded? This may need to be done on a cost centre by cost centre basis as otherwise trading activities in surplus could be subsidising those in deficit.

Donations accounts:

  • if expenditure exceeds income, are there sufficient reserves to cover the shortfall? If not, how will the shortfall be funded?

Are there sufficient resources to cover the cost (plus associated FWP overheads if appropriate) of all posts funded on non-Chest money?


If you are new and/or require assistance, contact your Finance Manager

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