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As the new finance system is brought in through the Financial Transformation Programme, this chapter of the Financial Procedures Manual will see significant changes. However, this is the current guidance for Budgetary Planning and Control. It is split into four sections


This gives you a general overview of what is meant by the terms Budgetary Planning and Control and their importance. It also sets out the responsibilities of Business Partners and Institution heads of finance for budgetary planning and control.

Budgetary Planning

This section explains how budgets are used within the University. It details those activities for which budgets are formally created and monitored in UFS. It also provides guidance on the main issues that should be considered when preparing a budget for any activity.

Monitoring and controlling budgets

This section gives guidance in the techniques required and reports available to enable interpretation of actual results against budget at a point in time.


Monitoring and controlling expenditure against income

The University does not set formal budgets for all activities. This section gives guidance on the techniques required and reports available to enable interpretation of actual expenditure against available income at a point in time.

For purposes of this chapter, Institution means any of the following: Department, or a Faculty not organised in departments, Centres, Institutes, or other bodies under the supervision of the General Board or Council and includes Divisions within the Unified Administrative Service

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