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There is a standard UFS report available to Institutions and Departments to enable them to monitor expenditure against a UFS Budget. If this is not suitable then the UFS data can be exported in to Excel for further manipulation.

Budget Report Comparing to Actual (UFS)

This is the only standard UFS report which compares actual expenditure to budget. The Institution can select certain parameters (Source of Funds, Cost Centre and Transaction Code) when the report is running, allowing the user to focus on a particular area of interest. The report can be run at any time during the month.

The report shows

  • Current financial year expenditure. (There should be no income on any Chest source of funds).
  • Annual, year-to-date and monthly budget.
  • Overall variance.

See Appendix F for an example.

Exporting UFS data to Excel

Running a query or a report in UFS allows the user to extract specified information from the financial system in a standard format. However, the standard formats may not analyse the data in a way that assists a School/Institution/Department to monitor its income and expenditure.

At present the alternative is to extract UFS data into Excel. Once in Excel the data can then be manipulated into any desired format. Instructions and training on how to export UFS data to Excel is available from the Finance Division Training Team.

See the Finance Training's 'How to Excel with CUFS' programme for further information.

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