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The Head of Institution (HOI) is the Head of Department, the Chair of a Faculty not organised in departments, Directors of Non-School Institutions and UAS Divisions. It is their responsibility to ensure that University policies are implemented and relevant University regulations and procedures are followed.

The Financial Regulations state that the HOI should ensure:

  • proper allocation of funds;
  • sound financial control, authorisation and separation of duties;
  • that accounts are correctly maintained;
  • that funds available for spending are not exceeded;
  • that the Regulations are publicised and observed within their department; and
  • that all information and explanations required by the University’s internal or
  • external auditors are provided promptly.

Acting Heads of Department may be appointed during a vacancy and count as Head of Department

The HOI works closely with the departmental/faculty administrator (and/or Institutional Finance Manager where such posts exists), to whom they will delegate many of their non-academic responsibilities

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