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Heads of Institution (HOI) may designate in writing one or more people to execute specified tasks for, and subject to the supervision of, the HOI. The HOI remains responsible and should be fully aware of any delegated authority. The HOI may have a deputy or deputies for specific areas (e.g. research) to whom they will delegate responsibilities as appropriate. See Appendix A.

There are no specific items that cannot be delegated, although in practice all HOI are expected to certify their annual accounts as part of the University’s financial reporting return.

Delegation format

A delegated authority letter/form (see template at Appendix B) should be completed for the following circumstances to:

  • add delegation
  • revoke delegation
  • change the scope of existing delegation
  • transfer the delegation to another individual

The completed document should be retained in the department.  


Heads of Institution must provide the Payroll Section with, and keep up to date, a list (signed by the Head of Institution) of persons authorised to sign salary documents for departmental staff paid through the payroll. Where the proposed signatory is not a University employee the approval of the Director of Finance is also required.

Delegated authority for Research Grants

The Head of Institution may delegate their responsibility to a suitably nominated individual within the department. This is done on a template letter provided by the Research Operations Office which lists the areas of delegation as well as the limits granted to individuals. The letter will also stipulate what may not be delegated as well as a maximum level for delegation which may vary from time to time. This letter needs to be updated and sent to the Research Operations Office at least annually as requested or as soon as any changes need to be made. Failure to provide this information may result in unnecessary delays whilst the relevant approval is sought from the Head of Institution.

Late submission of grant applications
Requests for late submission of grant applications to the Research Operations Office must be made in writing by the Head of Institution (or their Delegate), using the template on the Research Operations Office website


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