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Each department should designate two individuals to be responsible for requesting new suppliers or amendments. However, many staff may simply require the Supplier database to view suppliers and this is available to anyone with UFS access. 

For access to the Supplier database for new requests and amendments, the department Key Contact should email the Supplier database Administrator and provide the following information: 

•    first name/surname
•    University telephone number
•    University e-mail address
•    CRSID
•    type of access required: 
     -    View, Request New or Amendments to suppliers OR
     -    View, Request New or Amendments to Suppliers, Employees and Students

To access the Supplier database, users require a Raven log in. Once set up they will be able to access the Supplier database from the Finance Division Supplier Set Up webpage 

Raven passwords are issued by the University Information Service
 Raven: the University's authentication service | IT Help and Support (


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