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Suppliers that have been entered more than once onto the database are identified and will be deactivated by the Accounts Payable (AP) Team. Suppliers which the University does not wish to trade with in the future, for example companies that have ceased trading / been declared bankrupt etc. are also deactivated.

Before deactivating the supplier account on UFS is checked for both outstanding invoices and purchase orders  to reduce the possibility of deactivating a supplier that is still being used.

In the event that duplicates which require deactivating have open purchase orders, AP will amend the supplier so that no further purchase orders can be raised. They will then contact the relevant department concerning the open purchase order, informing them of the situation and will agree the procedure so that the duplicate supplier can be deactivated.

The deactivated duplicate supplier's name will then be formatted so departments will know that they should no longer attempt to use this supplier eg.

Before:  Lyreco
After:     **Lyreco

When searching for suppliers the system will also indicate in a coloured box  if it is deactivated.  The deactivated duplicate supplier will also be cross referenced to the correct supplier to be used by departments in the future.

A process is in place to merge duplicate suppliers prior to deactivation. All of the historical transactions for these duplicate suppliers are then transferred to the supplier in current use. This information will be available to view.

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