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The University has a large and diverse customer base. The customer database is shared by the Accounts Receivable and Projects/Grants modules.

It is essential that each customer exists only once on the database even if it is invoiced by a number of different departments. It is the responsibility of each AR Department user to ensure that before a new customer is added to the system:

  1. Appropriate credit worthiness checks have been carried out (see Credit worthiness of external customers).
  2. The database is checked to ensure that an appropriate existing customer record is not already present.

Within UFS every AR user will be able to view the names of all the University's customers. However, they will only be able to access items such as address, contact details and customer profile classifications if it is a customer that their department has either added or allocated to themselves by adding an address line.

New UFS customers

When creating new customer records departments should follow the naming convention set by the University. This will help to ensure searches in the customer database are accurate and will highlight if the customer record already exists or has been created more than once. See Appendix E for details.

Additionally departments should ensure that they obtain the following information which can be added to the customer's account address line on UFS:

  • Contact names
  • Contact fax and phone numbers
  • Contact e-mail addresses and post codes

Due to the complexities of the process for setting up and maintaining customers, please contact the Central Service in the Finance Division to do this on the departments behalf.

Existing UFS customers

Departments billing an existing UFS customer for the first time must add for their department a new address line to the existing customer record. Do not create further customer numbers for these customers as it would make it more difficult to track a customer's payment history.

If you are unsure as to whether a customer already exists on the system, please contact the AR Team to check the system on your behalf.

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