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To create an invoice, the customer must exist in UFS. The Credit Control Team provides a centralised service to set up and amend customers in Accounts Receivable. This service is designed to reduce the administrative burden on the institutions, avoid duplications and ensure consistency.

Searching for customers in UFS

Once the decision to trade has been made, check if the customer already exists in CUFS. For guidance, refer to AR Searching for customers. If a customer exists on CUFS, every institution can see and use the customer. If the customer does not exist or the customer details are incorrect, refer to the Adding and amending UFS customers section below.

Adding and amending UFS customers

You must ensure you provide the full legal name, address, and contact details of the customer. You need to be able to properly identify your debtor if at a later stage you wish to take legal action on an outstanding debt. Institutions are responsible for alerting the Credit Control team of any changes needed to the customer record.
The process is as follows:
•    Complete the AR Customer Set Up/Amendment Form (available from the Finance Division Forms webpage) ensuring you have made entries in all mandatory fields.
•    Email the form, as an attachment, to the AR customer mailbox
Requests will be turned around within 3 working days. If appropriate, credit checks will be carried out as outlined in the pre-sales procedures.

Latest version 17 April 2024.

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