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Where a prospective customer has requested a quotation (or it is considered appropriate to issue one) then this can be done so using the suggested format that is shown in Appendix C and which can be downloaded from the Finance Division web page. Note the issue of a quote and its subsequent acceptance by the customer ensures the application of the University's STC.

Departments should ensure that they allocate each quotation with a sequential reference number pre-fixed with their department code, and the quotations should be retained for 3 years as they form part of the University's business records. The University Standard Terms & Conditions should either, be attached to the quotation and forwarded to the prospective customer, or the customer provided with a web link to the STCs on the Finance Division page.

The quoted prices should be inclusive of any duties but exclusive of VAT or any other taxes unless stated otherwise. It should be made clear that the price quoted excludes handling, freight, packaging, insurance and any other similar costs which might be applicable. Quotations are valid for 90 days unless a different period is specified on the quote itself.

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