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4 Definition and Responsibility


"Head of Department" means any of the following: the Head of a Department or a Faculty not organised in departments, Secretaries of Faculty Boards, Head of a Centre, Institute or other body under the supervision of the General Board or Council and Head of a Division within the Unified Administrative Service. "Department" is interpreted accordingly.


Heads of Department shall ensure:

  • proper allocation of funds;
  • sound financial control, authorisations and separation of duties;
  • that accounts are correctly maintained;
  • that funds available for spending are not exceeded;
  • that these Regulations and other University policies are publicised and observed within their Department; and
  • that all information and explanations required by the University's internal or external auditors are provided promptly.

5 Departmental Management


Heads of Department may designate in writing one or more people to execute specified tasks for and subject to the supervision of the Head of Department. The Head of Department remains responsible.

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