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31 Salaries and Staff Appointments


All University employees shall have a properly authorised letter of appointment in the form approved by, or under, the authority of the Human Resources Committee. For the avoidance of doubt the term 'employees' includes temporary and casual workers.


The source of available funding to support the posts or post shall be identified before a member of staff is given a contract of employment.


The only payments which may be made to University employees are those in accordance with approved University salary scales and such other payments as have been specifically approved by the Human Resources Committee. The key principles and rules on expenses reimbursement are set out in the Employee Expenses Policy


Heads of Departments must provide the Payroll Section with and keep up to date a list (signed by the Head of Department) of persons authorised to sign salary documents for departmental staff paid through the payroll. Where the proposed signatory is not a University employee the approval of the Director of Finance is also required.


For all new employees the Head of Department or other authorised signatory shall ensure that the person is legally eligible to work in the UK. The Payroll Section will not add a non-EU citizen to the payroll unless it is clear that any necessary work permit has been obtained or that the immigration status of the person concerned does not require the University to seek permission for the specific employment proposed.


Individuals may not be paid as suppliers through CUFS unless the Taxation Section has given prior written consent including as to the contract terms used. See the FD3 process at

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