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20 Bribery, Fraud and Irregularity


Heads of Department shall implement procedures as required under the University's policy against Bribery and Corruption, including to prevent Fraud.

Any member of staff shall report immediately in writing any suspicion of Bribery, Fraud or other irregularity to the Registrary and the Director of Finance. The Registrary is the lead officer under the University's policy against Bribery and Corruption.


The Director of Finance will advise the University's internal auditors and if necessary the University Security Adviser and police, and report to the Audit Committee and the Vice-Chancellor any Bribery, Fraud or irregularity which has any of the following characteristics:

  • exceeds £10,000
  • is unusual or complex
  • public interest is likely.


Any member of Staff who has reasonable grounds for believing there is serious malpractice within the institution (see Human Resources Division web site, Policies and Procedures; Public Disclosure by University Employees: Whistleblowing Policy) should raise their concerns using the specified procedure.

Further information on the Policy Against Bribery and Corruption can be found on the Secretariat web pages.

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