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What you can claim

Where possible the amounts an individual will have to advance from their own personal monies should be minimised by the use of a University credit card or by arranging for the supplier to invoice the University directly. The Financial Procedures Chapter 5b - Expenses & Benefits  provides more information and detailed guidance on what can be claimed, procedures to follow and possible tax implications of any payments made.

However, claimants may find the two-page quick guide below a useful reminder of the key principles, common items and UK mileage and subsistence rates.

Download the Claimant's Quick Guide to Expenses 

How to make a claim

The University is rolling out to departments an online expense management system, called Concur. Currently Concur can be used for reimbursement of staff expenses although it is planned to expand this to cover claims from non-staff over the forthcoming year. Therefore, all staff expenditure incurred on University business should be reimbursed via Concur for those departments that have adopted the system. Whilst other departments and non-staff should reclaim reimbursement using an Expense Claim form for the time being. Petty cash must not be used to reimburse individual expenses.

For more information on the project, which departments are using Concur and training materials on how to use Concur are all available from the Expenses Hub website


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