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These pages have two main purposes:

  1. To explain the University regulations, policy and procedures in respect of reclaiming expenditure incurred by employees in the course of the University business.

  2. To identify the tax consequences of both of these reclaims and of other benefits that employees receive and the procedures for declaring these items on either on a P11D declaration or via payroll to ensure compliance with HM Revenue & Customs' legislation.

Updates and additional guidance issued for Expenses

The polices and procedures within this chapter must be followed from 1st June

Building on an Internal Audit recommendation the Finance Committee have recommended that the Financial Regulations are changed to provide that the polices and procedures within this chapter must be followed to ensure that all employees are treated equitably and the University achieves value for money whilst allowing for the consideration of sustainable options.

This will take effect from 1 June 2022, to allow time for departments to review, communicate and if needed, make any changes to any existing local processes they may have implemented.

We would like to reassure staff at this stage there have been no changes to any of the existing published policy and procedures. These already outline for example, the exceptional circumstances where the accommodation or subsistence rates may need to be exceeded and allow for claims in line with the recently issued University guidelines on sustainable business travel .

Feb 22: Following an annual review by the Finance Committee Subsistence rates updated, and a passenger mileage rate introduced

Dec 21: Updated guidance on seasonal parties (including 'virtual parties') and gifts

Dec 20: Guidance provided on Christmas parties (including "virtual" parties) and gifts

Nov 20:Tax relief for additional costs of working from home during COVID-19

Apr 20: Expenses Addendum - Additional measures during the Coronavirus outbreak (applied until the 1 January 2022 and is no longer applicable) .


Page updated:09 May 2022

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