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You will be able to view details of departmental deposits and interest received either through the GL module on CUFS, using an on-line enquiry or by running a report, or via the Cognos Reporting tool. Suggested reports are:


  • Transaction Code Balances – Excel (UFS) report; or

  • Budget Report – Comparing to Actual – Excel Version (UFS) report.

In Cognos

  • GL: Budget to Actual

Analysing transaction codes: NBAA (Deposit account interest) and SCBA (Monies on Deposit). Use the latter to see the value of money currently held on deposit for a particular account.

NB: The reports show income as a negative amount. If a report has Plan columns, they will only be populated if the department has uploaded a plan to CUFS prior to running the report.

Extracts of the various reports are given below.

Transaction Code Balances – Excel (UFS) report:

Budget Report - Comparing Actual - Excel Version (UFS):

Filtered to show Transaction Code NBAA.
Actual month
column shows Interest Received for the month selected, for particular CC and SoF.

GL: Budget to Actual (Cognos) report

Using Transaction Code NBAA (Deposit Account Interest). The Cognos version allows you to select the Transaction Code.

Using Transaction Code SCBA (Monies on Deposit):

For Deposit Account queries contact:
Investment Accountant, Finance Division, Tel: 65038

For Deposit Account queries contact:

Treasury & Investments Accountant
Finance Division, Greenwich House

Tel: 64216

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