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What is a trust fund?

A trust fund is established where the University accepts a bequest "on trust". This becomes a binding obligation upon the University to use the money in accordance with the terms of the bequest.

In practice, most bequests "on trust" form a capital endowment (which may be permanent or spendable in nature). The funds are invested and the income used to fund expenditure on the terms of the trust. However, such a capital endowment is not a pre-requisite to it being a trust.

Helpdesk support is available for Trust Funds, with coaching for individuals new to Trust Funds. Email:, Tel:39660

Statutes & Ordinances

Based upon the wishes of the benefactor the University establishes regulations for the governance of the trust fund. These regulations are set out in Statutes and Ordinances. Most trust funds are governed only by Ordinance, but some also have Statutes.

Statutes & Ordinances
Statute E, Chapter 1 Provides general rules for the maintenance of Trust Funds
Ordinances Chapter XII Sets out further general regulations. These are followed by detailed regulations for individual Trust Funds. This is where the majority of the funds are listed.

The Statutes & Ordinances of the University of Cambridge are published annually so new trust funds will not be included until it is updated. However a Notice will have been published in the Reporter.

Trust Fund Managers are responsible for ensuring that funds are used for proper purposes in accordance with the rules of the specific fund and the University's general charitable purposes

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