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Polices and procedures in relation to research grants can be split into two broad categories.

Pre-award activities Departments supported by
  • determing if funding is a research grant or not
  • understanding sponsor terms and conditions
  • full economic costing (fEC) of research and the use of the X5 costing tool
  • applying for grants
  • contract negotation
  • delegating responsibility in departments
Research Operations Office (ROO)
Post-award services  
  • the set up and activation of successful grants on UFS
  • the implementaton of budgets and controls to meet sponsors' terms and conditions
  • amending existing grants
  • responding to sponsors' auditors
  • managing any subsquent amendments to the funding/grant
  • invoicing and recovery of funds from sponsors
  • processes when an award finishes
Research Operations Office (ROO)
  • charging of expenditure to the grant
  • monitoring spend
  • processing of overheads
  • manging the relationship between Grants and the General Ledger within UFS


Research Accounting Team within the Finance Division
  • Invoicing and recovery of funds from sponsors
Research Operations Office in conjunction with the Credit Control Team within the Finance Division






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