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Specific process


To sign contracts in the course of ordinary business (for those funds they are responsible for)

Fin Regs 6.1

Provide prior written consent for non-University commercial activities to be carried out

Fin Regs 25.1

Approve any sales to staff at below cost

Fin Regs 12.1

Authorise legal recovery for any outstanding debts

Fin Regs 12.2

Authorise bad-debt write offs up to £10k

Fin Regs 12.3

Authorise each grant funding application

Fin Regs 13.2

Provide justification for any grant applications submitted late to ROO and acceptance of the associated risk

ROO webpages

Annually notify ROO in writing of any delegated authority

FPM 19 (2.2)

Obtain advice from School Finance Managers (and HR) before costings provided to potential donors

Fin Regs 13.2

Accept single gifts up to £100,000 and notify CUDAR

Fin Regs 14.2

FPM 14 (2.5)

Approve the transfer of any donated funds

Fin Regs 14.4

Authorise dispensations from competitive procurement procedures where Total Value ≤£50k

Fin Regs 18.3

Provide written consent for procurement where Total Value ≤£50k

Fin Regs 18.3

Provide prior written consent for payments in advance >£10k

Fin Regs 18.4

Authorise IPO requests against invoices or for advance payments >£10k

FPM 6 (4.4)

Requests for a petty cash float and any subsequent increases in value

FPM 7 (4.2)

Complete request, application and T&C forms for departmental credit cards

FPM 6 (5)

Authorise monthly credit card expenses and expenses forms

FPM 6 (5)

Authorise claims for business entertainment

FPM 5b

Grant and monitor advances

FPM 5b

Authorise flight upgrades from Economy

FPM 5b

Authorise and submit claims for relocation expenses

HR webpages

Maintain a register of staff personal interests

Fin Regs 2.3

Authorise the acceptance of business gifts and hospitality

Fin Regs 2.4

Complete the University’s Anti-Bribery and Corruption Training every two years

Memo from Emma Rampton to HOI Feb18

Completion of P11D returns

Fin Reg 21.2

Provide a list of authorised payroll signatories

Fin Reg 31.4

Undertake cost space analysis for embedded companies

Fin Reg 27.2

Register proposed building works and provides required business cases, Concept Papers as required for PRAO

Sites and buildings regulations

Review and approval of the Financial Forecast


Receive and review copies of the monthly Financial Summary Reports


Maintain up to date risk registers

Risk management policy

Yearly confirmation of responsibilities under Financial Regulations and all material aspects of the institutions accounts are up to date


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