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Many departments receive income from trust funds. Each trust has its own deed that details the rules and regulations concerning its set up and use. Details of each trust are recorded in the University’s statutes and ordinances.

On UFS, each trust fund is distinguished by a unique Source of Funds code, all of which start with the letter K to distinguish them from other sources of finance. The remaining three characters in the code are a unique identifier for that individual trust.

Permanent capital

This has to be retained by the University in order to comply with restrictions imposed by the donor and cannot be spent; this is often the original amount given to set up the trust. This is identified for each trust fund on the system by the cost centre ZZYA.

Spendable capital

This could consist of amounts from various sources:

  • donations with no stipulation that the capital has to remain invested
  • income generated from investing the capital of the trust fund
  • any accumulated unspent income from previous years

This is identified for each trust by the Cost Centre ZZYB.


In some cases (formally, under an experimental pilot scheme) a third Cost Centre ZZYC, is used to denote the element of spendable capital which needs to be retained or preserved in addition to permanent capital in order to secure the viability of the fund.



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