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It is important that detailed, accurate records of any contact with debtors are kept both on file and UFS to ensure that future recovery attempts are scheduled and productive. Furthermore, should Departments wish to recover outstanding debts via legal action, records of recovery attempts will be required as evidence.

Dunning letters

Where bespoke dunning letters are sent to customers, manual notes of the date and type of letter sent (i.e. D1 and D2) must be made on UFS in the Notes screen of the relevant transaction(s).

Customer calls

Departments should complete a detailed call log every time verbal contact is made with the customer in order to schedule further calls and dunning letters as appropriate. This call log could be either maintained manually or within the AR module on UFS.

Manual log
It is recommended a call log sheet is devised which can be completed and held on record with any written correspondence relating to a particular overdue invoice, for each call made/received.

Calls can be recorded on UFS in the Accounts Receivable module via 'Collections- Customer Calls' form by completing the Header, Actions & Topics screen as appropriate, to log recovery attempts on the transaction in the Notes screen.

The Customer Calls facility on UFS will give each call a unique ID number that can be noted on the accompanying call log, and can be used to schedule further recovery attempts using the 'Collector's Follow Up Report' in Accounts Receivable on UFS. We would suggest running this on a weekly basis, to organise recovery efforts for the period.


If an invoice is disputed by the customer, UFS should be updated to show the status of the debt as such. The 'Disputed Invoice Report' in the Accounts Receivable module can then be run on a regular basis to monitor and resolve such disputes.

Any compromise or resolution agreed with the customer should be recorded in writing (with the date) and UFS should be updated accordingly.

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