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Credit control is a very important process that establishes controls both pre and post sale to ensure the timely recovery of income owed to the University and minimise the risks of non-settlement. As debts become overdue, the risk of non-settlement becomes significantly greater. In order to ensure best practise once credit has been extended for goods and services provided and the customer has been billed, the following tasks need to be performed on a regular basis.

  • Maintain regular, scheduled and appropriate (both in tone and content) contact with customers to build relationships and chase payment effectively.
  • Each month review current and overdue debts using the 'Aging - 7 Buckets - By Account Report'.

Refer to the UFS reference pages for details of how to run the report.

If you think payment has been received

If an invoice appears on the Aging report but the Department is aware a payment has been received and processed on UFS, the following checks should be made whether:

  • The receipt has been applied to the customer but not to the invoice, leaving the value unapplied.
  • The receipt has been entered on UFS as a miscellaneous receipt directly to an accounting code and not to the invoice.
  • The receipt has been applied to the wrong customer or to the wrong invoice.

Unaware of payment being received

If you are unaware of either cash or a cheque being received review the weekly 'Sterling, Dollar and Euro BACS' lists distributed by the CM Team. These list direct payments made into the University's bank accounts which have yet to be reconciled with invoices. Claim any relevant receipts on UFS by completing a 'cash receipt' and inform the CM Team of the Receipt Batch/Receipt reference. When reviewing the list, consideration must be given to:

  • Bank charges may have been deducted (typically £6) from the total value sent by customer.
  • Customers may have settled several cross-departmental invoices in one larger payment.
  • Departments may not receive notification from the customer prior to the payment appearing in the bank account.

To receive weekly emails of the BACS lists please contact the CM Team at

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