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Employee's expenses claims are usually processed as 'No UK VAT' and the VAT not separately identified. There are two exceptions to this.

Where the supply is for a high VAT value and the invoice from the supplier is made out to the University. In this case the expenses claim is processed in the following way:

  • The employee completes an expenses claim clearly identifying the VAT charged on the invoice and attaches the original invoice from the supplier
  • The University reimburses the employee and processes the payment on CUFS as a SR20% invoice, identifying the VATable item(s) separately.

Where a claim includes foreign taxes and is to be reimbursed from an EC Research Grant (please refer to FPM Chapter 19: Research Grants for further information). These taxes will need to be:

  • identified as a separate item line on CUFS;
  • coded to somewhere other than the grant; and
  • 'No UK VAT' applied to all lines.

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